A Detailed Guide to Canadian Online Casinos for Internet Players

There is a huge variance in playthrough requirements at different Canadian online casinos. The larger the house odds in the casino’s favour on any one game, the lower the playthrough requirements for that particular one will be: for example, the majority of online casinos will count slots machine games, which have the best odds edge for the house, as a 100% playthrough, and this means that each and every wager the player makes will count 100% towards the retrieval of his or her bonus. Alternatively, a game like POLi poker, where the house only really sees any money made on the pot rakes, will have a considerably higher playthrough requirement attached, and may only credit players 10% or 20% per bet, or pot, made by the player. And players must be aware that some games will also be excluded completely, not counting towards the playthrough requirements at all.

Additional Bonuses at Canadian Online Casinos

Players need to remember that Canadian online casinos are businesses, and that their main goal is to make money. This means that, although they are perfectly happy to pay their winners the money they may have accrued through lucky play, they are also going to make sure that they are covered. This comes to light in the additional bonuses they make available, since they are offering 100% match bonuses in order to incentivise players to sign up, and will not offer an endless supply of these. Players are hopefully motivated to return thanks to the first-rate games; tournaments; state of the art software; variety of changing offers and so on long after the deposit match bonus has been used up.

The additional bonuses that Canadian online casinos make available to players after the welcome offer are slightly smaller, but by no means insignificant. Should these be deposit match offers, they will possibly be offering percentages in the range of around 25% of the player’s deposit, but this will vary from site to site. The third and fourth bonuses may increase again, possibly up to as much as 50%, and this has been put in place in order for the casino to be able to ensure that their players are aware of how valuable they are, and are suitably rewarded for their loyalty and willingness to return again and again.

Canadian Online Casinos Offering No Deposit Bonuses

Canadian online casinos also make what is known as a no deposit bonus available to players, and this makes for one of the most popular welcome offers around. Players are not required to put any of their own money down in order to start enjoying the games the casino has available, and may serve to make a hesitant player reconsider his decision not to play, and result in him or her becoming a lifelong patron at the casino making the offer.

The no deposit bonus is also provided by Canadian online casinos to players who have invested considerable amounts of money at the site, and these are then provided to reward players for reaching certain milestones at the casino, for example an anniversary bonus delivered to a player who has been player for a year.