Win Real Gold and Play Great Games at Jack Gold Casino

Win Real Gold and Play Great Games at Jack Gold Casino

Right now Jack Gold Casino is closed and not conducting business, with their website unavailable. Nevertheless the promotions campaign that was conducted around being able to win real gold and play great games at Jack Gold Casino was highly noticeable and something that maybe should be conserved for posterity. In addition, there were a couple of interesting games and mobile possibilities at this casino that can be discussed.

Jack Gold casino concentrated on the mobile aspect of casino play. Online casino certainly blossomed with the advent of the internet, and online casino sprang up everywhere as people from all over the world jumped on this new and exciting bandwagon. In 2007 the iPhone came out and heralded a whole new aspect to casino play. Mobile devices began taking over the internet market, Google’s algorithms began favouring mobile sites and internet access mushroomed with the technical abilities of smartphones.

The Mobile Casino Market

Casinos that catered to this mobile market, a move that gave millions more access to casino play, was obviously key to further growth, and very likely one of the main reasons why the casino industry has shown continuous growth year on year, all around the world, despite all kinds of economic challenges everywhere, from recessions, to wars and Brexit, very few industries could ever dream of maintaining the levels of growth that the casino industry has shown.

Nevertheless, competition has been extraordinarily fierce. Mobile and online casino continuously have had to stay at the top of their game. It proved not enough simply to attract new players, but in fact casinos had to place even more emphasis on keeping those players, delighting them and making sure they kept coming back, played regularly and attracted even more players to the site.

Many casinos adopted novel marketing strategies, and Jack Gold Casino was one of these. The main marketing promotion was to offer players the chance to win real gold and play great games at Jack Gold Casino. A truly fascinating idea, that players would be rewarded by earning tickets, or entries into the draw for real gold. Depositing money would earn these tickets, and even more could be earned when players played games for real money.

Marketing Strategies Need Clarity of Thought

Players could, therefore, win real gold and play great games at Jack Gold Casino. The games were all mobile orientated and included the expected ranges of slot machines and table games. They clearly hoped for gold with the golden promotion, an offering that could have generated large numbers of players utilising the real money aspects of mobile casino play to earn increasing levels of gold dust and thereby increase their chances of winning a 24 carat gold bar.

Quite obviously this marketing play was ineffective, since the Jack Gold casino site has closed and is not operational. Perhaps it was that winning a gold bar is actually rather daunting, and the average mobile player had no idea what they would do with a big lump of gold, or perhaps the sceptical public just didn’t believe that they would actually be able to send them a real gold bar. Either way, upstart casinos can use the Jack Gold casino experience to learn, and tailor their marketing to be more accessible to the customers they want to attract. Perhaps the chance to win real gold and play great games at Jack Gold Casino simply wasn’t very exciting.